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New Bellechasse Transportation Center Montreal, QC

Montreal, QC, Canada – 11,982 tons


Société de transport de Montréal


Pomerleau Inc




SNC Lavalin

The new three level garage will be accommodating and housing 300 new electric buses. Once completed, it will be the first bus garage in North America to be fully underground and equipped with the facilities to operate an entire fleet of electric buses. The center will have two connecting structures: an underground three-level garage where the buses will be parked and maintained and a one-storey ring-shaped building with lots of windows where administrative offices and employee facilities will be located. The ring-shaped building will also have a fire prevention station and a passenger revenue operational management workshop. The work will take place from spring 2019 to fall 2022. ADF’s contract includes shop drawings, fabrication as well as installing about 11,982 tons of structural steel and 850,000 sqft of deck.