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ADF Group Inc.

North American Leader

In Connection Design and Engineering​

North American leader in connection design and engineering, and in the fabrication and installation of complex metal structures, heavy steel built-ups, and miscellaneous and architectural metalwork.
The company’s products and services are mainly designed for the five following segments of the non-residential construction industry:

Office Towers and High-Rises​


Commercial and Recreational Complexes​


Airport Facilities​


Industrial Complexes​


Transportation Infrastructure​


Expert in Engineering and Project Management​

Pioneer in the development and application of innovative solutions, ADF Group Inc. is recognized for its engineering expertise, highly complex fabrication, large fabrication capacity and expertise in managing projects with quick turnarounds. Through its experience creating unique projects, ADF Group is now at the forefront of two niche markets:

Fabrication of Highly Complex Superstructures​

Projects With Quick Turnarounds​

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