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Design and Engineering Services

Cutting-Edge Engineering

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Our design and engineering services provide quality fabrication, with high precision and enhanced productivity thanks to our qualified workforce and cutting-edge technology. Our engineer solutions allow for faster and more efficient fabrication, with the consistent aim to save time and/or money for our clients. Our engineering service offers your the resources, expertise and responsiveness to successfully execute even your largest and most complex projects.

Integrated Engineering

Our engineers have an active role in the structural design and construction to ensure their high performance and help create a sustainable built environment.

Connection Engineering

Our drafting technicians can model any structure with increased precision through the use of our state-of-the-art Building Information Modeling (BIM) structural software.

Heavy and Complex Built-up Component Engineering

Our automated production combined with our lifting capacity ensures a flawless execution of your complex and heavy structure assembly.

Information-Based Technology

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Our software has a unique interface designed by ADF that integrates its own production management system with the Tekla Structures 3D modeling platform, and is constantly developed to respond to our needs and the industry trends. We also benefit from a linear, computerized production line. This ensures:

Faster fabrication: The information from the 3D model is transferred directly to latest-general computer numerical control (CNC) fabrication equipment.

Highly precise fabrication: Our equipment and measurement processes are integrated into the Tekla Structures 3D modeling software to ensure product quality control.

Integrated bar code system: allows for tracking from the lot, through production and transport, right up until installation.


A Collaborative Ecosystem

This service provides clients with support to help them better understand the challenges of their project and in turn, eliminate any uncertainty that could arise at different phases of the project. This approach boosts the efficiency of the production and assembly sequences, while preventing possible additional costs for the client. The design-assist service, an essential starting point for any project, can be summarized as follow:

Review and recommend material types and sizes that will facilitate execution of the work and minimize costs.

Review and recommend connection designs that are most practical and efficient for the work of a fabricator and erector.

Review and assist in the coordination of the steel structure with particular items, including review of tolerances and suggestions for adjustable items or connections between works of the interfacing trades.

Provide input to the project preconstruction / construction schedule, including connection engineering durations, mill order requirements to insure best pricing and delivery analysis, fabrication durations and erection durations.

Evaluate and provide input on construction means and methods, alternative strategies, and drawing conflicts. Develop a logistics model including 3D animation of construction sequencing.