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Fabrication Plant

Great Falls, MT United States

Our Facilities

Our Great Falls plant was built in 2013 and specializes in producing conventional components and in producing and assembling modular steel components. It has a 70-acre lot for trial assembly of our modular structures.

0 Acres

Site Area

0 ft2
0 m2

Covered Facilities

0 Tons

Lifting Capacity

Area Served

Strategically located near road and maritime transportation links, the plant is able to serve a large area from the Canadian northwest to the western and southeastern United States.


Clark County Nevada Approved Fabricator – Fabricator No. 954
City of Los Angeles Approved Fabricator – Fabricator FB03052

Fabricator Certified in Compliance With CSA Standard w47.1

AISC Certified: BU, SPE-P1

  • BU: Certified Building Fabricator
  • SPE-P1: Sophisticated Paint Endorsement – Enclosed (SPE-P1 certification includes SPE-P2 & P3)