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Ford Field StadiumDetroit, MI

Detroit, MI, United States – 10,500 tons


Detroit Lions/Wayne County Stadium Authority


Huber, Hunt & Nichols, Indianapolis


SmithGroup, Detroit


Thornton Tomasetti, NY

Built on the former site of Tiger Stadium, this new National Football League building and home to the Detroit Lions, with an area of 162,580 square meters (1,750,000 square feet), can accommodate about 65,000 spectators under its dome.

ADF was chosen to carry out the work of the connection engineering, fabrication, and installation of the 10,500 tons of heavy and complex structural metal required for constructing this new stadium known as Ford Field.
Installation of the dome was a significant engineering challenge. The dome is made up of three sections. The two lateral sections, each weighing over 3,000 tons, were first assembled on the ground at the site before being hoisted 30.5 meters (100 feet) above the field with the help of computer-assisted hydraulic jacks fixed to the structure. As for the central section of the dome, it was assembled up at the top, joining the two lateral sections.