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4 World Trade Center TowerNew York, NY

New York, NY, United States – 8,200 tons


Silverstein Properties


DCM Erectors


Maki and Associates


Leslie E. Robertson Associates

ADF Group was awarded four contracts as part of the World Trade Center reconstruction in New York, which included supplying steel, and the fabrication and delivery of a significant portion of the structural metal for the 65-story 4 World Trade Center. The ADF mandate included the fabrication of standard steel structures and heavy steel built-ups, such as built-up box girders reaching up to 22.86 metres (75 feet) long and weighing 22 tons each, as well as large steel trusses made up of jumbo sections (i.e., W14x730, W14x426), some of which weigh 180 tons each. First assembled at the plant, these components were shipped to the WTC site in sections.